We are best friends that met in New York City and immediately bonded over our love for food, travel, shopping and yoga. Nic currently resides in the glory that is Manhattan and Shails in the big smoke of London, but frequently visits NYC.

We both keep a never-ending list of restaurants, bars, and must-do’s: Nic keeps hers in a little planner, old fashioned and handwritten. Shails is more modern with hers safeguarded in an Excel spreadsheet!

We are by no means experts, we haven’t been everywhere and tried everything on the menu – only two friends with a constant curiosity for discovering new ways to explore NYC & London. Cooking, a new and innovative experience for both of us, we list our veggie friendly delicious recipes for you guys to try!

Here we share with you our favo(u)rites of NYC, London and around the world that we find list worthy. We are not sponsored by our recommendations –  all are personal and unbiased.

Anything we should add to our list? We love suggestions.



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