Its that time of the year again and Madison Square Eats is back in full force with some great new additions.  This pop-up in the heart of the Flatiron district has so many great vendors all concentrated in a block –  grab a few dishes, some beer/wine and scramble to find a seat in this much loved foodie haven. Here are out best 3 veggie finds this year…. [Shails]


Vegetarian Orange Beef Bun @ Hong Kong Street Cart

IMG_4434Orange marinated soy-meat in a handmade baked bun garnished with cilantro and cucumber – absolutely delicious. I think this is my number one dish here for sure, I have even had non vegetarians try this and agree it is quite outstanding. The marinade is super tasty and the soy has a lovely meaty texture all in a delightful, light and fluffy bun. https://www.facebook.com/hongkongstreetcart

Tofu, Quinoa, Almond Sauce Summer Roll @ Two Tablespoons

IMG_4411Quinoa and tofu can often be bland however Two Tablespoons’ summer roll is full on flavour! The almond sauce and marinated tofu with shredded cabbage and carrot makes this dish a guilt-free winning combo. The summer roll is wrapped in steamed rice paper rather than deep fried so healthy as well as delicious. http://twotbsp.wordpress.com/

Margherita Pizza @ Robertas

IMG_4398Robertas makes a second appearance on thelistworthy. Outstanding every time and the pies are the perfect size, have one of these and still have room for a couple of other dishes. Perfect amount of tomato, creamy white mozzarella and a slightly charred crust – does it for me.




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