3 Best “Hidden” Entrances London

New York definitely has enough of these, however London is on trend with its fair share of speakeasy style bars. [Shails]

Mr Foggs

Through a shabby looking door with a smartly dressed man outside describes this establishment best. Mr Foggs resembles a typical old fashioned drawing room with plush velvet chairs and a plentiful bar. The theme in a nutshell is based on Phileus Fogg, who went ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ and on returning decorated this room with momentos of his trip. Delicious, well thought out cocktail list with some amazing concoctions, and a must for impressing out of towners! Reservations highly recommended.


The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

breakfast 1Enter through “The Fridge”. Beware, there can be a wait though – the cocktail bar that awaits is quite small but go hungry have yourself some pancakes whilst you wait at The Breakfast Club. Charming bar, friendly staff and some damn good cocktails. The way the seating is arranged you can’t help but mingle with your neighbours. Go treat yourself and see the Mayor!


The Nightjar

IMG_4023Stuck in between a few grimy cafes and a fried chicken place on Old Street lands an excellent cocktail bar. Beautiful art décor, cosy intimate tables and great music. Cocktails do take 5minutes to make which enhances the fact that they have deliciously fancy ingredients that require precision and effort. The cocktails are lethal and definitely plentiful – the sharing bowls / teapots are more than enough for the number advertised. Reservations are required and Nightjar operates on a table service only policy. Try and book in early for a live music night which get booked up rather quick!



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