3 Best Cocktail Bars London

London Cocktail Club

IMG_1555Yes this is a chain but it’s a great one! A fun lively place which is a great go to even if you aren’t drinking. Bartenders are super fun, full of crazy flame induced bar tricks and are enthusiastic to serve even when its packed – if your luck you might catch crazy dancing on the bar counter! Great 80s and 90s music, you will not be able to stop yourself belting out Backstreet Boys at some point. Now more importantly the cocktails – extensive list, all the standard plus many more and they are happy to create something for you if the menu fails to impress. Forget the bar food, just go for the drinks. Easy to reserves an area and large group bookings are also free.


Lounge Lover

This Shoreditch institution has been around for years, hidden away on a non-descript side road. The cocktails – outstanding, huge selection so suit everyone’s tastes. A beautifully decorated lounge with inviting sofas and grand chandeliers.  Prices aren’t cheap but you get a fair amount for what you pay and they are laced with alcohol! Its waiter service here for everyone, even if you are standing and service is both friendly and efficient. Book a table in advance if there is a group of you to guarantee and nice comfy sofa – bring on the liquid dinner! Big fan of ‘Love Letter’ and ‘Goose-Berry’.


Purl Bar

20140306-214237.jpgThis place is something different, definitely not your usual cocktails and presentation is somewhat spectacular. Downstairs into a candlelit den, well decorated 1920s throwback scene –  great for intimate dates and also group drinks. Cocktails range from £9-£12 so spending all night here certainly won’t be cheap, great for pre or post dinner drinks. Purl works on a reservation policy only, book online.



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