3 Best Winter Throwbacks NYC

It can be hard to find the motivation to leave the apartment on a cold winter day. Snuggling up on the couch in sweats with a movie often seems to be the easy choice. The excitement of potential snow days unfortunately ends with the school days, but there are activities to help remind us why the winter isn’t that bad.  [Nic & Shails]

Freeze Tag!

Freeze tag in January now takes on new meaning. Remember the carefree days playing games at recess? Brave the chill and relive this simple playground style fun at the 9th annual Freeze Tag on Wall Street. On the streets of FiDi, the event’s irony is a clever departure of the usual weekday activity. Expect a wide variety of nostalgic childhood games.

When: Sunday, January 14 1-3pm / Where: Corner of Broad and Wall Street


Hot Chocolate

photo 1-1

With the sub zero chills, what is more comforting than a mug of hot chocolate? Decadent and sweet, the treat is both warming and delicious. The City Bakery has one of the best cups in town and the perfect way to defrost from being outside. At $7 a cup, the price is pretty steep but justifiable once you pick up your order. With a colossal homemade marshmallow, it’s like two desserts in one. I suggest grabbing a spoon so that you can make sure to enjoy both of the elements at once.

Ice Skating


Ice skating is an iconic New York experience during winter – bring out the big kid in you and get your skates on! There are endless options to ice-skate in NYC – Rink at Rockefeller Center, Winter Village at Bryant Park, Central Park’s Trump and Lasker rinks and the See/Change Unseasonable Cool Rink at the South Street Seaport to name a few. Bryant Park rink offers free admission, but a hefty $14 skate rental (bring your own padlock to avoid any extra charges for lockers!) Adjacent to the rink is Celsius with a full bar, food and plenty of hot chocolate. Central Park and South Street Seaports also offer lessons for those a little less stable on the ice.


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