3 Best Veggie Sandwiches NYC

I love pretty much anything between 2 slices of bread. NYC is famous for its overflowing deli sandwiches that are usually quite meaty, however with so much diversity in this city you don’t have to look far for a vegetarian alternative.  We drill down to the best 3 spots to fulfill your wholesome veggie sandwich needs! [Shails]

Bombay Club @ Bombay Sandwich Co

IMG_2158Finally this Smorgasburg staple has made it to brick and mortar in Chelsea. The Bombay Club is a Bombay street food classic with fresh cucumber, tomato, red onion and potato with a delicious homemade green coriander chutney on 7 grain bread. The combination of all these ingredients gets better with every mouthful. All sandwiches on the menu are vegetarian and you will want to try every one of them! The classic Smorgasburg Sweet Potato is a close second with a tasty tamarind chutney – this is what made them famous. Don’t forget to wash this down with one of their Mango Lemonades, refreshing and not too sweet.


Maple-Mustard Tempeh Sandwich @ Cinnamon Snail

This delicious vegan food truck specialises in a variety of hearty,  gourmet sandwiches. The menu is hard to choose from with a varied list and added seasonal specials of meat substitutes and fresh veggies. The Maple-Mustard Tempeh certainly does not disappoint. The seitan is cooked perfectly on grilled spelt bread with a delicious roasted garlic aioli, kale, tomato and onion . A generous portion for $8. The truck is traceable on twitter but expect decent queues at lunchtime!


Veggie Meatball Parmesan @ Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop

IMG_3255Tinys gets another thumbs up from thelistworthy –  these are by far the best veggie meatballs I have tasted in the city. Combined with a tangy marinara sauce, melted mozzarella & parmesan and a toasted sesame semolina roll, this is the perfect combination. Tiny’s has a good selection of vegetarian sandwiches including  the Silly Philly Portobello, Veggiest Of Them All and Halloumi Cheese with Eggplant but the favourite remains the meatball sub. The small serving is enough for one person if hungry, the large definitely to share.



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