3 Best Un-Murray Hill Spots

Murray Hill is often known as the home for recent college graduates and rowdy sports bars. Although there is a time and a place for Joshua Tree and Brother Jimmy’s, luckily there is more to the neighborhood.  An area previously starved for diversity, these pockets add a little bit of much needed sophistication. Here are my favorite local spots to grab a drink or bite to eat that offer a refreshing change of pace to the stereotypes. [Nic]


Stepping into Cask, the industrial decor immediately makes you feel as though you are downtown in the East Village. Quality food, delicious sangria, and a laid back vibe make it a good after work spot. If you can snatch it, the single raised table with benches is a great place to sit with friends.


Middle Branch


From the people behind Little Branch, this cocktail joint is a welcome addition to the beer heavy neighborhood. Considered a ‘speakeasy’ since the building is discreet and windows closed, the MB plaque on the 2nd floor is easy to miss in the dark.  The ATM opposite the door helps identify the entry down a few steps. Choose from the list of signature cocktails or enjoy a custom drink based on a few simple questions asked by your server.



Famous for brunch, this homey restaurant more likely belongs on a quaint corner in the West Village. With a no reservation policy, the sidewalk draws quite the patient crowd. Comfort food in a cozy space creates a warm and inviting dining experience. Although not as busy but still popular, I often go for dinner.



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