3 Best Falafel NYC

The best falafel for me is a crunchy shell with a tender, fluffy inside, not too dry and with a good internal balance of chickpea, parsley, and spice. Pita that is fresh-tasting, soft and delicious (wholewheat is my preference). Sauces and toppings add to the total package, my favourites – red cabbage, juicy pickles and tahini. [Shails]

Murray’s Falafel

Giant falafel balls with lashings of Tahini, of which there is a unlimiited supply on the table. I love this no frills hole in the wall in the East Village. Extremely friendly service and a piping hot free falafel whilst you wait for your meal. The homemade hot sauce is a must – highly addictive! I usually go for the falafel sandwich on wholewheat pita or the Combination Platter – a choice of 4 salads, 4 falafels and a pita.



IMG_2632Great fresh falafel at this NYC institution. They have 3 different flavours here green, harissa and red. Original green is my favourite, just the right combination of parsley, coriander and mint in these light fluffy balls of joy! Two locations in the city and a mobile truck


The Falafel Shop

IMG_2131 I stumbled upon this place in the Lower East Side and am extremely glad I did! The pita here is extremely fresh and soft even in the evening. Great tasting falafels with just the right amount of salads and sauces, a neighbourhood gem!



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