3 Best Vegan Desserts NYC

I would be insulting myself if my first post wasn’t in some capacity about dessert and this will certainly be the first of many on this life-enhancing topic. Among my friends, I have a reputation of having an insatiable sweet tooth. Although my first love was chocolate, I have developed an appreciation for a wide variety of sweets- especially alternative recipes that reduce the guilt of indulging. [Nic]

Blueberry Coconut Cake at Franchia

photo-1Sadly it is not always available, but a huge treat when you can get it. Moist cake with blueberry filling and a thin layer of icing dusted with coconut. Franchia offers Asian cuisine and a wide selection of noteworthy teas too. The location is a little random – on Park Avenue between 34th and 35th, but it is an unexpected find amongst the stoic apartment and commercial buildings.


Mint Sundae at Pure Food and Wine


On my first visit here, I distinctly remember this option discreetly on the menu and easy to overlook. We were grateful that the neighboring table noticed our deliberation and emphatically recommended the Mint Chocolate Sundae. One of my favorite flavor combinations, it’s refreshing, yet decadent. Chocolate pieces, mint ice cream, chocolate sauce, need I say more? Pure Food and Wine is not just vegan and organic, but raw too – nothing is heated above approximately 118 degrees to preserve the nutritional integrity.


Strawberry Shortcake at Peacefood Café


With strawberry cream sandwiched between two biscuits, it’s hard to believe that this dessert is dairy free. The portion is big, so definitely share it. With the original location uptown, Peacefood Café expanded from the UWS downtown to Union Square making it easier to enjoy a healthy meal after yoga class.


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